Silence, Solitude, Solidarity, Service

Works used by Centering Prayer Groups

1) The Spiritual Journey DVD series:

Fr. Thomas Keating

All Centering Prayer groups could use this series as a way of learning about the Spiritual Journey for which their prayer prepares them. A definite "must see" for all seeking to live the contemplative dimension of the Gospel

2 ) The Parables of Jesus by Fr. Thomas Keating

The new and expanded interpretations of the parables based on the scholarly work of Fr. Scott, OCSO was enthusiastically discussed by group members. As usual Fr. Thomas opens up the meaning of the passages which results in our loving the good God who loves us so much. Prayer group leaders can order the book in bulk from Roseanne Havird and receive a discount resulting in the cost of the book to members being only $10.

2) The Gift of Life; Death & Dying, Life & Living

A DVD series , this program can be ordered from the website since there are no discounts offered. The cost including shipping is $90 which can be shared by prayer group members order at :

3) Contemplative Prayer and the Cloud of Unknowing with Fr. William Meninger

A DVD series of 2 discs, the video can be viewed and discussed along with the members reading one of the editions on the market on The Cloud of Unknowing.

Available at

4)The Eternal Now - and how to be there!

A DVD series led by Fr. Thomas and Fr. Richard Rohr. A presentation on living in the present moment. Recommended for prayers groups that have been meeting a few years.

5) Jesus - The Pilgrimage by James Martin, S.J.

The group felt this book revealed the person of Jesus in his environment in a way that helped to see Him as a real person.

6) The Enneagram "The Discernment of Spirits by Richard Rohr, OFM. DVD Series that is good to watch during Lent. Order from

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